Digital Dentures in La Verne, CA

Digital vs. Traditional Dentures

Thanks to advanced digital imaging and scanning technology, Prizm Dental offers an innovative custom denture fitting process. Unlike conventional dentures, our digitally designed prosthetics offer the highest level of accuracy.

Traditionally fitted dentures rely on gooey impression materials that are uncomfortable and may warp during the manufacturing process. This can lead to tiny imperfections during the denture design, leading to a looser or more uncomfortable fit that requires multiple adjustments. In contrast, digital dentures use 3D virtual scanning to capture a highly detailed digital “impression” of your mouth. This image is then used to virtually design and curate the fit of your removable prosthesis.

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No Uncomfortable Impressions

If you have a sensitive gag reflex, taking an impression of your mouth can be highly uncomfortable. Thanks to virtual scanning software, we can capture a digital “impression” of your mouth that’s just as—if not more—accurate than conventional dental molds. This 3D image won’t warp or break, and it can be securely transferred to our lab during your denture fabrication process. 

Why Denture Fit Matters

Tiny imperfections in the fit of your denture can contribute to problems like sores, chafing, and discomfort throughout the day. By digitally scanning your mouth, we’re able to curate a highly detailed, accurate denture fit. That means you’ll enjoy a quality prosthesis with a precise contour and shape that’s more comfortable to wear each day. The digital impression also enhances the seal created between your denture and gum tissues for improved retention when you’re talking, laughing, or eating.

How Digital Impressions Work

Instead of a large impression tray filled with sticky material, we use a special handheld wand. This device captures a highly detailed virtual scan of your oral tissues as we trace all of the necessary surfaces throughout your mouth. In under a minute, you’ll be able to see an exact digital replica of your mouth on the computer screen. 

Thanks to digital scanning, these virtual images can also be used for digital printing purposes. A variety of restoration options can be “printed” using compatible technology. 

Experience the Difference

If you need dentures in La Verne, call Prizm Dental today to request a digital scan and exam. We’ll discuss your denture options with you and help you design the best removable prosthesis for your needs. 

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