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Dental emergencies can be stressful, painful, scary, and uncomfortable. They can happen at any time, and when they do, it's important to seek help from a trusted emergency dentist on your side. Dr. Choi of Prizm Dental in La Verne, California, is here to help you with all your dental emergencies. 

If you’re wondering what to do for a broken, chipped, or knocked-out tooth or a painful dental emergency, we can help.

Common Dental Emergencies

There are several types of dental emergencies that patients can experience, and some are more common than others. Some of the most common dental emergencies that we see in our La Verne office include situations like:

Toothaches: A toothache is a painful sensation in the tooth or gum tissue. This could be caused by cavities, gum disease, or other underlying dental issues.

Broken or chipped teeth: This can happen due to biting down on something hard, playing sports without a mouthguard, or experiencing a fall or injury to the mouth.

Knocked-out teeth: This is a serious dental emergency that requires immediate attention. It's important to seek help from an emergency dentist within the first hour or two of the tooth being knocked out.

Lost fillings or crowns: This can cause significant pain and discomfort, as well as put the tooth at risk for further damage or infection. Avoid chewing on this side of your mouth until we can see you.

Swelling: If you’re experiencing swollen or bleeding gums, contact our office. However, if the swelling or bleeding is severe, head directly to your nearest emergency room.

What to do for a Broken or Chipped Tooth

If you experience a broken or chipped tooth, there are several things you can do to help alleviate pain and protect the tooth until you can visit our office:

Rinse your mouth with warm water: This can help clear out any debris or bacteria from the area and help reduce swelling.

Apply a cold compress: This can help reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Apply the cold compress to the affected area for 10-20 minutes at a time.

Take over-the-counter pain medication: Motrin or ibuprofen can help reduce pain and discomfort while you wait to see the emergency dentist.

Save any broken pieces of the tooth: If possible, save any pieces of the tooth that have broken off and bring them with you to your appointment. Keep them in a cup of milk or saline. For best results, we’ll need to see you within a couple of hours.

What to do for a Knocked-out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth, or avulsion, is a serious dental emergency that requires immediate attention. If you or a loved one experiences a knocked-out tooth, there are a few things you can do. If you can, pick up the tooth by the crown (the top part), avoiding touching the roots. Then, rinse the tooth gently with water, being careful not to scrub the root clean. Place the tooth back into the socket if possible, and hold it in place with a clean cloth or tissue. If you can't place the tooth back in the socket, place it in a container of milk or contact solution to keep it moist.

 Have a Dental Emergency?

If you're experiencing a dental emergency, it's important to seek help as soon as possible. At Prizm Dental, we understand the urgency of dental emergencies, and we're here to help you. Our office is open during regular business hours, and we'll do our best to see you as soon as possible.

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